Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here's an FAQ for you and you and you!

Oh now I've done it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday through Cyber Monday SALE!!!

Here's a big announcement!

Use coupon code BlackCyber to get 33.33% off any purchase through from 11/28/08 through 12/1/08. This will be the biggest discount that has ever been (or will ever be) offered. Take advantage now because it doesn't get any better than this!
This coupon code is good on any Dapper Snapper purchase (excluding retailer kits) for as many as you would like to buy. How cool is that? 
Plus, we just had a price change on the Snapcessories™. Now you can get your Snapcessories™ for just $5.95 and Snapcessorized™ are only $12.95. And we are offering even more Snapcessories™ with the addition of a football, basketball, soccer ball, teddy bear, and more to come. 
Dapper Snappers make the perfect stocking stuffer! So go...Now...hurry hurry!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Green?

In my last post I wrote about the importance of Made in the USA to my customers. I got some great advice. And I got this suggestion:  you could try adopting some greener practices. So how do I do this? Without going into much detail about our processes, I'm not sure how to go green. We don't have much waste, so aside from recycling the mailing label backs there's not much I can see to do. I don't print out anything I won't use. We turn off the power when we leave. All the material scraps are saved in a basket. 

For a while there I was using 10% recycled paper for my product packaging and biodegradable cellophane but we did away the 3 pack bags and the recycled paper was much more expensive than regular paper. The last thing I want to do is waste money. 
Any suggestions? Can I go green and not break the bank? Why is recycled paper more expensive? Is there a list of standards and practices for going green? Can we get certified? Am I missing something? 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It was bound to happen eventually...

I'm stuck. My elastic supplier is out of pink and my being able to order more depends on a bigger customer of theirs ordering more. It works like this: I can order a smaller wholesale amount of elastic if I buy what they have leftover. If I want a particular color I have to order 10,000 yards, which works out to a minimum of $3,000. Per. Color. 

Using only USA manufacturers to supply us with all of our materials is not only expensive, but it's very hard to do. The little guys (us small businesses) are usually asked to make a huge investment upfront for a business that may or may not make it off the ground. There's only so much we can invest. 
The other day I was a vendor at a baby product show and was asked by a customer if I thought that "Made in the USA" was a big deal to moms who would be buying Dapper Snappers. Honestly, I don't know. I know I'm a mom and it's important to me. Sure part of it is a pride thing. As stated on the label "100% Proudly Made in the USA.". But I'm also supporting the economy (which as of late has been in the crapper) by only using USA manufacturers. And since our lead restrictions (not to worry, there's no lead in what I do anyway) are so much tighter than, let's say China, we don't have to worry about lead in the paint on the snaps. 
So what do you think? Is "Made in the USA" important to you? Enough to forgo a popular color of elastic? 

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So I took a picture a few weeks ago but couldn't post it until I received my order. And now that I have it, I can make an announcement (I seem to have a lot of those). 

Dapper Snappers are now available in 4 new colors! Here's my favorite:

Jacob sporting Natural; 
one of the newest Dapper Snapper colors available

The other 3 colors are Royal Blue, Kelly Green, and Gray. We opened up our shopping site to custom orders. Customized Dapper Snappers are the same price as Original. So mix and match to your heart's delight!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dapper Snappers is being One Goodied again! I should explain that the last time we were scheduled to appear, their server had an unfortunate incident and only one order was able to be placed for the whole weekend. Poor Shane (she's one of the owners). But she's been a great sport about it and even offered to run us again, which happens to be this weekend.

So if you get a chance to head over there make sure to sign up for their daily newsletter. One Goodie every day in your inbox. I'm totally getting the DVD scratch cleaner next time it comes up!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new season

Good morning! 

I want to make this announcement short and sweet. 10% of Dapper Snapper sales will be donated to a local Food Pantry to feed the hungry. No administrative fees will be deducted. 100% of donated money will go to buy food. 
Now if I could just figure out how to keep a running total on the side of the blog...