Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's My Birthday. I Can Give Away Whatever I Want To!

In celebration of my 38th birthday, I am giving away 38 sample Dapper Snappers. These are FREE samples, all you have to do is pay shipping. They are samples due to flaws in manufacturing (stencil marks, too short for packaging, incorrect hemming/snap placement, etc.). These flaws in no way affect the functionality of the Dapper Snapper. I am just a perfectionist and have high standards for what I will sell. 

Available in foliage, girl beige, and boy beige in limited quantities. You can try to request one of those colors, but there are no guarantees.

Please only one sample per family/household. Just trying to be fair...

You will need a coupon code to get it for free: 38freesamp

Happy birthday to me! Or is it to you?