Friday, June 20, 2008

A new name deserves a new tagline

We took a survey and the winning tagline for Dapper Snappers is: "Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap!"

It's great because it says exactly what it does. It's just perfect! Now on to redesigning the Cinchie packaging with the new name and tagline. I already sent in the order for the redesigned labels, but the supplier has to get back to me on feasibility. The new label will be a loop label with more information but shorter so it stays out of the way of the snaps. Not sure why I didn't think of that to begin with...

I'm still sending out orders with Cinchie info until we can get the new stuff. I just put on the packing slips that we've changed the name. Same great product, different name. Pretty cool though that I've sold 3 in 3 days. Business is picking up. Seems like small fries, but it's better that what we had before...nada... Once word gets out I'm gonna be very very very busy!

On the Mama side of the Mama-preneur, I must say that my little babies are doing very well with playing outside while I am in the garage working...and keeping a watchful eye... As soon as DapperSnappers takes off, I am going to make use of my summer babysitter to keep them busy and in line a couple days a week while I work. Won't that be nice?! Even so, Jacob (the 3 yr old) wants to "help mama" every time I go to work in the garage. I have him hand me business cards and put samples in the bin. Very repetitive stuff, but he loves it. What laws about child labor??? I never heard of any...LOL.