Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh where have I been?

Well...I have been waiting. I wanted to get a new blog up and running off the server we currently use ( for our website but they are just awful! We need a new server so I can have my new blog before my head explodes. Actually, I will have 2 new blogs; one for business and one for all things mommy. Any suggestions?



Welcome to the world of entrepreneurialism! I'm super picky about webhosts. Many people go for the freebie accounts and lowest ticketed price. Gotta think of your host as the owner of the real estate that your "store/site" sits on. Would you buy marsh land over well graded, centrally located property on a well trafficed corner?

If you are using a windows platform for your software, I highly recommend I used them for almost 8 years and they have real live 24/7 tech help that is awesome.

if you are using software like wordpress, joomla, etc. that is unix based, I have recently moved my sites to
and have been VERY happy with them. I also run about 8 other sites on them for various clients and have had to work with their tech team on some issues for a VPS server that I had no idea what i was doing and they were fantastic to work with and went way above the call of duty. Also had to work with them in a massive DNS attack and they were great at keeping me abreast of what was happening.

Whoever you pick, keep in mind the true test of a host is what happens when there is a dns server attack and how do they communicate wtih you during outages, do they have live people available to help, is their own site up to date?? You can't go wrong with either of these two in my opinion and i'm way picky, having had some very bad experiences and friends with nightmare host stories.

Lunarpages ( is also having a sale right now on their site and you can get a pretty good deal on their shared hosting. they also have fantastico and lots of other tools ideal for newbie webmasters and those looking for simplicity.

Good luck in your decision.