Saturday, October 18, 2008

Really I'm not one to break promises...

What I want and what I get are usually 2 different things. I really wanted a new blog look. I even put together a comp of what I wanted. But alas, I do not have the skills to make it happen and I was unsuccessful in getting help with it. Therefore, we will just deal with what we have and move on. I have got too much stuff to tell all of you about to wait any longer.

There is exciting stuff happening here at Dapper Snapper Central! We have had a couple new lines added and are about to add another!!! (I do love my exclamation points) The first new line we added is Snapcessories™. A Snapcessorized™ Dapper Snapper had color coordinating caps and components with an adorable accessory that snaps around the free belt loop not used by the Dapper Snapper. It's the new "must have" accessory for your child's Dapper Snappers! 

The second is Sugared; a classy shimmery pattern added to original Dapper Snappers. 

Both of these additions have given Dapper Snappers the boutique style shoppers have been looking for.  We also now offer customized Dapper Snappers. Currently we carry 11 elastic colors and 22 cap colors, as well as 5 under-component choices. 

I've been busy! Ooooh! And we will have another announcement very soon. It's super cool!

Until then...