Friday, May 1, 2009

The Buzzzzz

Okay, I'm doing an unsolicited product review for 3 items I use everyday and love. Since they are big companies, I am pretty sure they won't even notice, but that's fine by me. I am just feeling the need to share my happiness with products that do what they say they are supposed to. And I believe these would make good Mother's Day gifts. (Hubby, you are going to have to find me something else, because I already have these)

I have perpetually dry hands and feet. It seems that ever since having my daughter, my knuckles look like worn out leather. What happened to my beautiful hands??? Hormones! Those bastards! Well I have tried all kinds of things. Every lotion seemed to cause some allergic reaction where my skin would get bumpy, red, and severely itchy to the point of having to take Benadryl. Even the lotions for sensitive skin caused irritation. I've been on a search for a long, long, expensive time. 

But Hallelujah! My search is over! Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme to the rescue! Now, my husband lovingly calls it "Hippy Stank" (no offense to Hippies or Burt's Bees) because it contains natural, earthy smelling ingredients that make a perfect scent to induce relaxation. And best of all? The skin on my hands is soft and not red or bumpy or anything! So if it wasn't enough for Burt's Bees to break me of my Carmex addiction with the awesome-est lip balm on the planet, but now they own my hands too. 
As for my feet? They are thoroughly owned by the Ped Egg and Aveda Foot Relief. I cannot rave enough about the Ped Egg. My feet have never been so smooth! It's amazing and I can never live without it ever ever again. It's so easy to use. 
Aveda Foot Relief smells good and doesn't leave my feet greasy (I have a thing about sliminess between my toes...ewww). They also have a great hand lotion I use during the day between hand washings (because I only use Hippy Stank at night) called Aveda Hand Relief.

So those are my recommendations. I'm a mom and I love these products. (Hubby, I could use a massage...yes another one...)


jenni d

I have wondered about the Ped Egg. I saw it in the "As Seen On TV" section at Walgreens. Where can one find the Aveda products? Thanks for sharing your reviews.

Jen Muir, OK



You can go to to find a location near you that sells Aveda or just order it from their website.