Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm All FIRED UP!!!

I'm so fired up right now that someone's going to have to peel me off the ceiling! As you probably already know, nothing gets me going more than customer service. If it's bad, it takes me a while to calm down and I will not be nice when I talk about what I received. But when it's good? I am in Customer Heaven. And I can tell you right now, I am indeed a very happy woman!

We came home on Sunday to find that our garage door would only open about a foot and then stop. It took us a bit, but we finally tracked down the problem: a broken torsion spring. Every time I needed to get out of the garage, I had to have my clicker in hand, press it and push up on the door at the same time to help the motor get the door up. What a pain!
I tried calling Sears, but was informed that it would cost $65 just for them to come out, inspect it, and tell me how much it would cost to fix it. $65?!? Really??? No, not worth it. So then I consulted Google: Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Hillsboro Oregon. And to what should my wandering eyes should appear at the top of the page? American Garage Doors at my service. I saw the 5 star rating and gave them a call. I told Cory, business owner extraordinaire, about my frustrations with trying to find a part to fix it ourselves and was wondering what he charged to do the work. He was very reasonable! He eased my fears right on the phone about anything extra I could be charged for. He doesn't try to sell anyone anything they don't actually need. I love it! To top it off, he was able to come over to fix it the same day.
He was on time. I, however, was not. I had to pick up the kids so I was running a wee bit late. He called to make sure he had the right house and I explained I was going to be home in a few minutes. He was more than happy to wait. No attitude, no stress. By the time I showed up 10 minutes later, my husband was already home and Cory was hard at work.
We kept the kids inside and busy with dinner. I heard the occasional noise out there, but I figured I would let the man do his job. It didn't take him long at all. He even had to do extra work because someone had welded or soldered parts together that shouldn't have been. He helped us reprogram our remotes and change the code on the keypad. He even lubed all the hinges and rollers, and tightened the chain. All this extra work and he didn't charge us one cent over what he initially quoted over the phone.
Cory from American Garage Doors gets an A++++++++ from me for excellent customer service, outstanding quality, and incredible ethics! I know of a lot businesses that could take a clue from this guy. Overall, I am impressed!
And there you have it. I am a loyal customer for life. If anyone in the area needs garage doors, repair, parts, etc, Cory is your man. Man am I pumped! WOOOHOOOO!!!!
(really I'm not crazy...I just love great customer service)